New Offer for Rippling Customers: Automate your Compensation Reviews with our Direct Integration
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Run compensation reviews
without a single spreadsheet

Comprehensive integrates with your HR tools and pay ranges—helping you make efficient, transparent, and equitable compensation decisions from one centralized place.

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Comprehensive's Compensation Review Dashboard
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Save time
when dealing with all things compensation

transparent & trustworthy

Get the visibility you’ve been looking for—that you couldn’t find in spreadsheets

Safe & Secure

We understand how important and confidential compensation data is. Comprehensive adheres to GDPR and CCPA while annually auditing for SOC 2 Type 2.


Configurable multi-step approval flows, granular permissions, and our advanced rules engine means that Comprehensive scales with your organization's complexity.


Whether you’re using base salary, OTE,  equity, bonus, variable comp, multiple countries and currencies—Comprehensive can handle it all.


We know how complicated compensation can be. Comprehensive’s compensation experts will consult and guide you through each step of the journey.

Pay Ranges

Finally, a source of truth for your pay ranges

Pay Range Dashboard

Create and update your pay ranges—automatically notify all stakeholders

Multiple versions of spreadsheets filled with stale data are a thing of the past. View, edit, and share your ranges directly in Comprehensive. In a matter of seconds, find employees who aren’t mapped and link them to their correct ranges.

Pay Range Sharing

Share what you want, when you want

Hiring a new candidate? Promoting an existing employee? With one click, securely share relevant pay ranges with recruiters, people leaders, or existing employees.

Visualize & Calibrate Employees within their Pay Ranges

Visualize ranges & calibrate employees

See your pay ranges side-by-side with employee compensation. Catch discrepancies to ensure employees are being paid fairly and competitively.

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Comprehensive keeps everyone aligned without friction. HR managers, people leaders, executives, and employees—all collaborating in one space.

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